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Vera A Stephens
Christian Ministries

Serving Children In West Africa 


Every little bit helps, please do what you can to empower us to do what we can.


Want to do even more than just donate, drop us a line, and let's discuss how you can get involved.

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To carry on the legacy of Missionary Vera A Stephens and expanding on the vision as the Lord leads.

Welcome to Vera A Stephens Christian Ministries Established Since 2020

Our Mission is to reach children far and near, to empower them with Godly principles as they obtain sound knowledge through education, becoming powerful Godly leaders of tomorrow.

- Proverbs 22:6

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop the total child by providing physical needs, educating the mind, and instilling Godly principles for a Godly leader of tomorrow.

Our Projects

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